NETGEAR Firmware

NETGEAR WiFi Extender comes with its firmware which is the in-built instructions for setting up and connecting with other devices. It comes with your new extender. The device’s behavior completely depends on its Firmware. Whenever any new firmware gets introduced, download that immediately. Latest NETGEAR Firmware generally includes new features, repair bugs and secure device network.

Does NETGEAR Firmware help in NETGEAR Extender Setup?

NETGEAR Extender Setup is done through a web address But most of the times this setup page doesn’t open. So, users go with IP address to log in. This also shows error messages.

The ultimate solution to fix this problem is to update NETGEAR Firmware to the latest version because a few older firmware doesn’t support setup page. Therefore, it can be said that NETGEAR Firmware is one of the main pillars for NETGEAR Extender Setup.

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In case setup page doesn’t open, use IP address as an alternative. This IP address can be accessed within private networks. To log in to NETGEAR Extender, modem, router or access point, type as a URL in a web browser and hit enter key.

Sometimes, this displays an error message like ‘this website can’t be reached’. This happens due to the fact that is a private address i.e. it cannot be accessed outside private networks. So, in order to resolve this error message, connect extender to a network either wirelessly or in a wired manner.

Methods to update NETGEAR Firmware

Using Check Button

When log in to, there will be a new pop-up message if new NETGEAR Firmware available. Merely click on that message to see which version is available. Click on Check button and install the latest version of NETGEAR Firmware.
netgear router setup

Manual Method

Download the newest Firmware file manually from official website. Enter username and password. Click on Firmware Update button. Save this file to computer and unzip it to install NETGEAR Firmware.
netgear router setup


For installing NETGEAR Firmware update, make sure the latest version of NETGEAR Genie is running on desktop or mobile. Launch NETGEAR Genie app and go to Router Settings section. Log in to router using default credentials. Once logged in, click on router update button.
netgear smart genie setup

Finally, click on Next button. It will take some time to upgrade the firmware. After completing the download process, uploading of firmware will start. To verify whether new version has successfully installed, check firmware version in top-right corner.

If you still experience any issue, don’t hesitate to contact our experts on toll-free 1-888-829-5515.

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