NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup

What is NETGEAR Genie?

NETGEAR Genie is a superb app for desktop and mobile which makes NETGEAR Extender Setup easier like never before. The app opens in the form of a dashboard having a number of features.

netgear genie

Through NETGEAR Genie app, all types of network issues can be controlled, viewed and resolved without difficulty. It is helpful in checking the speed of internet coming from service provider and making an analysis on network to verify only your smart devices are accessing the network. Additionally, the app can even be used for determining the cause of login failure.

netgear genie login

Download NETGEAR Genie for desktop or mobile and start enjoying its several benefits.


Download NETGEAR Genie


Once downloaded NETGEAR Genie app, open it. The app is used to access router settings, change router username and password, set up a new extender, change network settings to name a few. For NETGEAR Router Setup, open a browser on computer and log in to IP address.Doing so will open NETGEAR Genie Login page which asks for login credentials. Enter the default user ID (UID) and password in the given fields.

For getting support for NETGEAR Extender, Routers, Genie etc. just dial our toll-free number 1-888-829-5515.

Whether you are performing NETGEAR Extender Setup or NETGEAR Router Setup, NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup plays a vital role in both processes. To connect all wired or wireless gadgets to a fast internet, go for NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup.The setup procedure is pretty simple. Just make a wired connection with router through Ethernet cable. Take a computer or laptop connected to network and open a browser.

Next, enter website. This will open NETGEAR Smart Genie Setup page which offers on-screen instructions to follow. But the main problem arises here is the setup page doesn’t open. It shows error messages like ‘this site can’t be reached’ instead. The only instant solution to this issue is to call our Technical Support Team at 1-888-829-5515.

NETGEAR Extenders, routers, modems, Orbi and Powerline are most used networking devices. WiFi Range Extenders are amazing gadgets which are intended to boost up wireless connection speed and network signals. By amplifying existing signals, it provides a reliable internet connection throughout the extender range depending on the model number. NETGEAR Extenders’ default login page is known as For larger areas such as office or building, extenders are the best solution to have excellent signal all over the area covering the corners and dead zone.